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If you would like more information or to volunteer for one of these groups, please contact the Rev. Seth M. Walley.


Banquet of Abundance

The Banquet of Abundance is the largest fundraiser of the year! Every year we come together for a dinner and silent auction to raise money for St. James' Outreach Ministries. Each group will provide unique decorations for their table and are welcome to dress according to the table’s theme. The Saintly Chefs provide the meat entree and your group provides the side dishes. Everyone has a great time and helps fund the Outreach Ministries here at St. J’.

Foyers – Fellowship, Food, Fun

Groups meet on a monthly basis from September through May and are led by a coordinator who hosts the first gathering.  Then, other members of the group take turns hosting in their home or a restaurant.  Gatherings should last about two hours and the meals should be simple.  Each group establishes what day and time to schedule their gatherings, based on what works best for the members.  This is not your average supper club!  It’s so much more!  Members of each group vary by age, gender, and marital status. For more information contact Jan Thornton at the church office, 601-982-4880.

First Thursday BOokTalks at St. james’

Join us at 11:45 am on the first Thursday of each month for the First Thursday BookTalks at St. James’. Enjoy our $10 lunch buffet and hear one of Mississippi’s authors speak on their latest book. Lemuria will be on hand with copies of the books to sell also. Invite your friends and family. The more the merrier!
Please contact the church office at 601-982-4880 to reserve your seat!

September 6 – Julian Rankin, Catfish Dreamabout an unsung African-American hero-farmer who fought for civil rights and battled institutional discrimination in the Delta, armed only with his wherewithal, his tractor, and his particular conception of the American dream.

October 4 – Ellen Meachum, Delta Epiphany, Robert F. Kennedy in Mississippi. tells the story of Kennedy’s visit to the Delta, while also examining the forces of history, economics, and politics that shaped the lives of the children he met in Mississippi in 1967 and the decades that followed.

November 1 – George MalvaneyCups Up: How I Organized a Klavern, Plotted a Coup, Survived Prison, Graduated College, Fought Polluters, and Started a Business. 

December 6 – Natalie & James Adams, Just Trying to Have School: The Struggle for Desegregation in Mississippi.

February 7
 – Jackie Tatum, Unspeakable Things, A Novel will speak on The Healing Power of Writing.

March 7 – Josh Foreman and Ryan Starrett, The Hidden History of Jackson
 is filled with gripping tales of horrors and heroism.

April 4 – Elizabeth Heiskill. What Can I Bring? Southern Food for Anyh Occasion Life Serves Up and The Southern Living Party Cookbook, A Modern Guide to Gathering.

May 2 – Dawn Dugle, The BRAVO! Way: Building a Southern Restaurant Dynasty. Dan Blumenthal and Jeff Good will also be special guest speakers at this event.

Episcopal Church Women (E. C. W.)

Women of all ages and various views who share as common denominator the love of God and the wish to do God’s work – we are ECW, Episcopal Church Women. All women of St. James’ may choose to participate in monthly meetings – the fourth Thursday evening (5:30 to 7) of each month in the Oakridge Hall. Life for ECW begins in the local congregation and continues at the diocesan, provincial, and national levels. At St. James’, ECW draws women into many church and community functions and hosts the Advent Wine & Cheese Party.  ECW Bylaws. To get more involved with ECW, contact Ouida Holland at or 601-842-2647.

The Saintly Chefs of the Burnt Offering

This is the group that generously gives of its time and talents to prepare and cook for various parish wide events. If you love to grill and want to get involved with this group, please contact Bill Youngblood at 601-953-2847 or

St. James’ Spring & Fall Picnics

You don’t want to miss our Parish Picnics!!  We have one in the spring and another in the fall, the picnics will follow the 5:00 pm Worship Service with lots of special activities.

Shrove Tuesday Celebration

Shrove Tuesday is the day immediately before Ash Wednesday, named for the “shriving” or confessions and absolution, and we celebrate in our in the Parish Hall.

The Saintly Chefs of the Burnt Offering serve a traditional Cajun supper. There is music, and a children’s parade is led through the Parish Hall. The event concludes with the Burning of the Palms, which were saved from the previous Palm Sunday and will be used for the next day’s Ash Wednesday services.  Many volunteers are needed for this memorable event! To get involved, contact Jan Thornton in the church office at 601-982-4880/ or Bill Youngblood at Bill Youngblood at 601-953-2847 or