Adult Formation

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St. James’ Adult Formations is varied and takes place throughout the week. While the main parts of our education take place on Sunday Morning, we have several Bible Studies during the week. A confirmation class is offered each spring. Guest Speakers, Book Talks and fellowship add to the richness that is Adult Christian Formation at St. James’.

Bible Studies

All Bible Studies are open to anyone joining at anytime. Grab your favorite text and come visit the fun as we pray and discern what God is telling us in these holy texts.

Crazy Christians
12 Noon in Gray Hall Room 103, Tuesdays. Led by St. James’ Clergy.

Parish Bible Study
10:45 am in the Guild Parlor, on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays. Led by St. James’ Clergy.

Men’s Bible Study
7 am in the Guild Parlor on Thursdays. Led by St. James’ Clergy.

TGIF Bible Study
10 to 11:30 am in the Guild Parlor. Discussions of the upcoming Sunday’s assigned scripture readings, led by St. James’ Clergy and Lay Ministers.