youth group at st. james’

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St. James’ Youth Group (known as the Episcopal Youth Community or EYC) involves all youth in the 6th – 12th grades. Youth are invited to participate in 6th Grade Confirmation, Jr. & Sr. High Sunday School, Wednesday Nights, events & trips. St. James’ youth group is a part of the Diocese of Mississippi, and all youth are invited to participate in the Diocesan Youth Programming.  We believe everyone belongs and everyone is needed.

All youth and all friends are always invited to participate in St. James’ Youth Group. The Youth Wing (located on the back side of the campus) is open for youth to relax, study, worship and learn. If the doors are open, the youth are welcome. We hope you will make a home as part of the St. James’ Youth Group where you are free to grow, to discover God, to discover your self worth, to take risks, to take chances, to begin again, and ultimately to develop the strength to hold your faith in Christ our Lord. As we said above, we believe St. James’ is a place where you belong and where you are needed.