Stewardship + Giving


Stewardship Campaign

The Stewardship Campaign looks at the way the community of St. James’ makes use of its collective time, talent, and treasure for the work and glory of God. This committee hosts a yearly vision for future programs and Commitment Sunday. There are approximately 30 member volunteers who help with making phone calls to fellow church members. The phone calls are organized to follow-up after the mailing of annual pledge cards.

The Endowment

The Endowment focuses on the future of the ministry of the church. This group is involved in helping inform the parish concerning opportunities for giving that benefit both the church and the giver. People skills as well as finance and legal talent are needed for this committee.

Finance & Budget Committee

There is a real ministry for those who want to utilize the church’s resources for service to God. The Finance & Budget Committee is a group of men and women who meet 4 or 5 times a year and make recommendations to the Vestry concerning the fiscal policies of our parish. A wide variety of experience is welcomed and needed.

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If you have questions about pledging or are interested in any of these ministries, please contact  Judy Johnson or you may call the Church Office, 601.982.4880


ST.J’ Members on Giving