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 St. James’ Committee Missions 2019-2020


Meetings held monthly (as needed)

Committee Charge: The Adult Education Committee is responsible for programs and formations to enlighten and continually educate St. James’ parishioners. The enlightenment process requires each to step beyond self awareness and recognize our human responsibilities as components of a greater reality. The committee recognizes that education can be a gateway to a better (enlightened) future. Primary examples of programs and formations are found in educational gatherings on Sunday mornings and several weekly bible study classes. Other prominent examples include guest speakers, book talks and study sessions, adult confirmation classes, and EFM series.

Chair: Sheri Cox, email: sheri_cox_2000@yahoo.com
Members: William Box (V), Barbara Neil, John Milner (V), Joe Russell, Leigh Grady (JW), Gretchen Gulmon
Staff Liaison: The Rev. Marian Fortner


Meetings held bi-monthly

Committee Charge: The committee is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and beautification of the St. James’ buildings and grounds. The group reports, investigates, brainstorms, and analyzes concerns and issues in an effort to identify the ideal solutions for the campus. Work parties are regularly set with parishioners to manage small work details (work in flower beds, general & deep cleaning of specific areas, and decorations in the Narthex). The committee works very closely with the St. James’ office, particularly Judy Johnson and Charley Belote.

Chair: Coleen O’Brien, email: coleen@rugplace.com
Members: Eleanor Anthony (V), Kathy Kirchmayr, William Box (V), Randy Boyles, Tommy Shepherd (SW), Alan Burrow, Walker Tann (V), Leigh Grady (JW), Billy Ware, Colleen White, and the Rev. Marian Fortner (clergy).
Staff Liaison: Judy Johnson, Charley Belote


Meetings held quarterly during the school year.

Committee Charge: To assist children and adults in drawing closer to God. We do this by offering and living into The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, liturgical events for children and families, and a variety of experiences and classes for children and adults that nurture spirituality and build Christian community. In addition to The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd on Sunday mornings, events and offerings have included but are not limited to: Adult education offerings, Wet Wednesdays in the summer, Vacation Church School, Christmas Pageant, Flowering of the Cross, Easter Vigil Support, Summer Sunday Church School, a Children’s Gardening program on Wednesday nights, Third Grade Bible presentations, assisting with Baptismal preparation and presenting a small gift to the candidates, a Music and Movement Class (M & M’s) for pre-school and toddler ages, a Parent/Toddler Atrium, support to Children’s Choir, support to Shrove Tuesday and other parish-wide events, stewardship offering for children, and social or service activities for elementary children and their parents. To join, please contact Meredith Aldridge,

Chair. Chair: Meredith Aldridge, email: mereditha222@gmail.com
Members: Ben Aldridge, Elizabeth Boone, Megan Conner, Jess Eddelman, Carter Milner, Matt Milner, Amanda Runnels, Meriwether Truckner, Dorothy Wofford, Walker Tann (V),Tara Coxwell
Staff Liaison: Mary Nell Prichard


Meetings typically held every 2 months or more frequently as necessary.

Committee Charge: The committee’s focus is directed at early childhood programs (till 5 yrs old) at St. James’. Primary areas of discussion include the planning and execution of the school fundraiser, registration and enrollment for the upcoming year, and notations about the school/nursery staff, curriculum, and reflection of program success and areas for improvement. Further topics include updates on hiring and staff performance, enrollment statistics, and campus improvements related to the early childhood program. Chair and staff liaison: Whitney Veazey, email: wveazey@stjjax.org Members: Liza Booth (V), Leslie Hosemann, Christopher & Lauren Lomax, Amy Amunson, (new members to be added)


Meetings held as necessary

Committee Charge: The Endowment Committee solicits donations and bequests to the Endowment and provides oversight of the investment of Endowment funds. The St. James’ Endowment is an enduring legacy that provides funds for maintenance of and capital improvements for the buildings and grounds of St. James’. The funds of the Endowment are kept separate from the operating and other accounts of the church, and the Endowment Committee is separate and distinct from the vestry. A stated goal is for the Endowment to provide a perpetual source of funds for maintenance and capital improvements of the St. James’ campus and buildings. Examples of Endowment fund expenditures include roof repairs, replacement and servicing of air conditioning and heating units, enhanced lighting, and other physical plant repairs.

Chair: Joe Myers, jmyers11@comcast.net
Member: Tommy Shepherd (SW), Leigh Grady (JW), Barbara Neil, Bubba Shirley, Frances Weir, Johnny Lang, Randy Boyles, Jay Jacobus
Staff Liaison: The Rev. Marian Fortner


Monthly meeting

Committee Charge: The Finance Committee takes the vision and priorities of the clergy and vestry and translates those areas into a financially quantified balanced budget. The committee actively discusses budgeted items that are materially running in a surplus/deficit throughout the budget year. The committee works closely with the Rector and Parish Administrator to develop a balanced budget that addresses all the Parish needs. Key discussion points include: addressing Parish needs when budgeted revenues are falling behind, working to fulfill unfunded pledges, and advising the Rector on servicing outstanding loans.

Chair: Marshall Loeb, email: marshall.loeb@eastgroup.net
Members: Trey Sebrell (V), Guy Boyll, Tommy Shepherd (SW), Leigh Grady (JW), Stewart Speed, Gib Ford, Bernard Booth, Crymes Pittman, Iris Isaacs, Mark McDowell, and the Rev. Marian Fortner (clergy).
Staff Liaison: Judy Johnson


Meetings held quarterly (minimally), more often as required

Committee Charge: The Liturgy & Worship Committee serves as a logistical planning committee for the liturgies of the church at St. James’. This group functions to plan and prepare liturgical/worship services, in accordance with the Church calendar. Prominent examples include liturgies associated with Advent and Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and All Saints. The committee also assists in liturgical customaries for pastoral offices such as weddings and funerals.

Chair: The Rev. Marian Fortner, email: mfortner@stjjax.org
Permanent membership includes the Rector and other clergy, Organist/Choirmaster, and leadership from Alter Guild, Flower Guild, Acolyte Master, lead Verger, lead Usher, Head Lector
Staff Liaison: Don Messer, Kathy Stephens


Bi-monthly meeting

Committee Charge: The Newcomers Committee is charged to provide a visual and welcoming presence prior to worship services and afterward. Parishioners and visitors are encouraged to make a nametag; information is available to visitors. If the opportunity is available, assistance is provided to the visitor on campus. When a visitor completes the pew card, a newcomer volunteer follows through on the information by delivering homemade bread to their doorstep. After the priest has called the visitor early the next week, a volunteer calls them as well. The volunteer possibly matches them with a "shepherd" volunteer to get them woven into the parish activities which may take several months. Additionally, the committee receives input and information from St. James’ clergy, staff, and other parishioners during this process. Visitors and new members will be invited to an informal gathering at a parishioner's home held periodically to get to know our priests and other St. James' members. The committee routinely considers other forms of hospitality, such as reserved parking spots for guests and information packets of material.

Chair: Catherine Hames, email: chames601@aol.com
Members: Randy Boyles, Lea Ann Deavours, Leigh Grady (JW), Pam Helms, Melissa Hutchison (V), Jane Malphurs, Mary Rawson, and Try Rosser.
Staff Liaison: Kathy Stephens


Monthly meeting

Committee Charge: St. James’ is a church family committed to doing for others in God’s Kingdom. Outreach is the means by which we reach out to the community, outside our church doors, to our neighbors near and far, known and unknown. The Outreach Committee provides oversight and coordination for the allocation of outreach grants from St. James’ to those in need in our community. The group serves at the behest of the Rector/clergy under the direction of the Vestry. Our annual budget reflects our financial commitment to outreach with 20 percent dedicated to outreach efforts and Diocesan support.

Chair: Kathe Levanway, email: delkml@gmail.com
Members: Ellen Ford, Carol Mann, Susie Adcock (V), Maura Jelliffe, Arin Atkins, Larry Allen, Lynn Evans, Karen Taylor, Susie Puckett, Michael Harrison, Denise Wheeler, William Box (V)
Staff Liaison: Jan Thornton


Meetings are held monthly (as needed)

Committee Charge: The Parish Life Committee is responsible for planning the social events of the church in an effort to foster relationships and build our parish community. The group provides the oversight and planning of these gatherings, including: coordination of promotional materials, purchasing materials and supplies, organizing hosting responsibilities, and post-event activities (take-down, cleaning, etc). Notable parish life events include the Banquet of Abundance, Red Beans & Rice Festival, Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras celebration, and the Habitat for Humanity Drawdown. Prominently, the Saintly Chefs are a mainstay of the Parish Life Committee, providing fabulous food offerings for many of these events. Importantly, the Parish Life Committee is closely aligned with a variety of other committees and special functions, including Foyers Groups, spring/fall picnics, the ECW, and church-sponsored book talks.

Chair: Bill Youngblood, email: 953bugs@gmail.com
Members: William Box (V), Guy Wilkins (V), Mark McDowell (V), Leigh Grady (JW), Lucy Gault (V), Ellen Ford, Brandon King, Babs Fowler, Chris Grillis, Chris Truckner, Grady Griffin, Alli Sherman, Shanda Townsend, Jason Agostonelli, and the Rev. David Elliott (clergy).
Staff Liaison: Jan Thornton


Meetings held bi-monthly

Committee Charge: The committee seeks to serve parishioners unable to attend worship services, programs, and activities due to illness, disability, or other health factors that limit their participation in parish life activities. Committee is made of “team captains” with respective teams of 8-10 persons. Teams may be called upon to deliver meals to parishioners, send brief notes/letters, or a simple visit (ministry of presence). Team captains coordinate with their team and information flows from the clergy/staff to the captains. Similarly, team members report updates or special needs back through their captain. Subgroups include Long-term Pastoral Care, Prayer Chain, Shawl Ministry, Families with new babies, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and the St. Martha’s Guild (funeral hospitality).

Chair: Margaret Deavours, email: mndeavours@gmail.com
Members: Babs Fowler, Denise Wheeler, Ann Bemis, Steve Boone, Jan Wofford, Alison Harkey, Jane Roper (V), the Rev. Abram Jones (clergy), the Rev. David Elliott (clergy), and the Rev. Marian Fortner (clergy).
Staff Liaison: Kathy Stephens


Meetings are held as needed, mostly during the months of July through October

Committee Charge: The Stewardship Committee is primarily charged with promoting and leading the congregation in annual giving in gratitude and to the glory of God for the ministry of St. James’. The work of stewardship is grounded in our understanding that God made us stewards of creation, giving us a deep awareness that all that we are and all that we have come from one source, God our creator. Our giving, then, flows from gratitude from all that we have been given.

Chair: Barber Boone, email: hbarberboone@gmail.com
Members: Tommy Shepherd (SW), Leigh Grady (JW), Bernard Booth (previous chair), and the Rev. Marian Fortner (clergy).
Staff Liaison: Judy Johnson


Monthly meeting

Committee Charge: Developed to provide structured programming and scheduling for 6th -12th grade children and their unique ministry. The committee provides an advocacy for youth in our parish and ageappropriate activities, consistent with other age groups in the church. Committee members discuss a variety of educational formats and activities as they relate to the growth and benefit of the children of St. James’. Typical themes for discussion include spiritual formation, service work, scheduling, programming, fundraising, building relationships, and having clergy present in the lives of teens.

Chair: Sara Katherine Beckett, email: skott.beckett@gmail.com
Members: Liza Booth (V), Alison Strange, Gretchen Kimble, Leigh Ann Wilkins, Kristy Simms, Jennifer Bracken, Lee Anne Bryan, Susan Murphy, Tommy Shepherd (SW), Leigh Grady (JW)
Staff Liaison: The Rev. Abram Jones

(SW)- Senior Warden (JR)- Junior Warden (V)-Vestry