The Catechists

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Each atrium is led by a head catechist, an assistant catechist and several assistants. Our catechists have completed a 90 hour formation course on the level in which they are leading. Our catechists and their team members:

1. Acknowledge that opening the heart of a child to the unseen is the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit.

2. Believe the encounter between God and each of God’s children is unique, and deeply personal, and observe this relationship with deep respect.

3. Trust the images of scripture to speak to all ages in all times.

4. Seek to avoid stamping their own personal interpretations upon scriptures.

5. Desire to support the God-given dynamic of growth and unfolding, seeking to present different aspects of the faith at the appropriate age and moment.

6. Understand their role to be that of opening the great storehouse of the church’s riches (sacred story, liturgy, and parable) to the children so they may have at their disposal the tools for reflection and response.

Level I: Ages 3 Through 5 + Level II: 1st Through 3rd Grade + Level III: 4th And 5th Grade*

  • an option for a 6th grade confirmation year

Lead Catechists for 2017-2018

Level I Room 203  Amanda Runnels
Level I Room 206   Mary Nell Prichard
Level II Room 211   Carolyn Ray
Level III Room 300  Beth Graham