Opportunities to Volunteer with Stewpot

St. James’ has been an active supporter of Stewpot Ministries for many years including a position on their corporate board as one of its founding churches. There are variety of needs and lots of volunteer opportunities for individuals and families – find the one that fits your desire and time. Contact the coordinator listed with the activity to sign up:

Flowers House: 4th Wednesday of each month – Pickup food from St. James around 5:15 and deliver to this transitional shelter for women and children located at the corner of West Street and 355 Livingston Street (behind Millsaps College). Contact Kathe Levanway, 601.362.9640 (h) or 601.540.5088 (cell) delkml@gmail.com , if you would like to help on one or more Wednesdays.

Matts House: 2nd Wednesday of each month – Pickup food from St. James around 5:15 and deliver to this emergency shelter for women and children which is off of West Street behind CS’s at 343 Adelle Street. Contact Lela Dodson, 601.209.6140, stoneycv@gmail.com.

Billy Brumfield House: Volunteers pickup a meal at 5:00pm which is prepared by our St. James’ kitchen and deliver/serve at this men’s shelter on the 4th Wednesday of each month. It’s located in an old firehouse, 1244 S. Gallatin Street. Contact Joe Myers, jmyers11@comcast.net , 601.291.4568.

Weekday Servers at Stewpot: Volunteers are needed to serve lunch at Stewpot’s community kitchen, 11:15 – 12:30. We are assigned 4 days (Mon.-Thurs.) a week to serve, 4 times a year. You don’t have to sign up but just show up, however, it’s helpful for the coordinator to know how many persons to expect. Contact Regan Painter, 601.259.2822 rmpainter@hotmail.com. 

Sunday Lunch: Susie and John Puckett’s family prepare and serve lunch at Stewpot four times a year. Additional servers are needed 12:30 – 1:30pm. Contact Susie Puckett, 601.209.5454, shp9669@aol.com

Food Pantry: Volunteers go in pairs on one or more days, Monday – Thursday, to distribute food from the Stewpot food pantry, 9:00 – 11:00. St. James’ is scheduled to serve six times a year. Contact Lee Malouf, 601.955.3507 missyazoo@aol.com if you would like to be added to her list of volunteers.

School Supply & School Uniform Drive: During August, we’re collected school supplies and school clothing (khaki, navy, white) for Stewpot kids.

Turkey Collection: For 2 -3 Sundays, collect 50 turkeys for Stewpot’s Thanksgiving and Christmas gift baskets. Contact Catherine Hames, 601.594.1867, chames601@aol.comCoordinator needed!  

St. James Annual Christmas Party with Stewpot: Annually, St. James hosts a Christmas Party for Stewpot residents at St. James and is scheduled for December 4th. Parishioners join them for the party which includes a wonderful meal, pictures with Santa, crafts, singing, and a short church service. Prior to this event, parishioners fill bags for each resident which are presented after the party. Coordinators are needed!

Please scroll down to see the calendar below for specific dates and locations of volunteer opportunities:

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